Recommended Podcast

If you like movies and/or British comedy, I’d strongly recommend adding Mark Kermode’s podcast to your iPod. I’ve listened to it for several months, and it’s one of my favorites. It’s a half-hour snippet of a longer radio show hosted by Simon Mayo in which, every Friday, Kermode comes in to review films.

They review the movies that are newly released in England, which largely correspond to the US but occasionally they review movies that aren’t out here yet, or review movies that came out here several months ago. Kermode is famous for his rants, and he and Mayo have a great chemistry. It’s very entertaining.

One note about his reviews which is absolutely true (excerpted from Wikipedia):

His emphasis on genre cinema has also meant he often expresses a liking for films panned by other critics, such as Basic Instinct 2 or Lassie because they follow genre expectations.