myth2ipod on Ubuntu

If you want to get myth2ipod working on Ubuntu (assuming you have both MythTV and Ubuntu installed) there aren’t any instructions to my knowledge. I found the currently posted set of instructions to be outdated (last update 3/5/06). The following, updated instructions are actually much simpler (everything is in apt).

I did as follows (Myth .20, Ubuntu 7.04):

  1. Get the appropriate version of ffmpeg (with xvid support). To do that, add this line to your /etc/apt/sources.list file:
    deb feisty free non-free
    and then run
    wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add - && sudo apt-get update
    Then install your brand new version of ffmpeg:
    sudo apt-get install ffmpeg
    (found that tip linked from here)
  2. To test what you did in step 1, run ffmpeg -version and make sure you see ‘enable-xvid’ and ‘enable-faac’ in the output.
  3. Install the codec library, which is required to make sure you can encode aac audio.
    sudo apt-get install libavcodec0d
    To test that you can, run ffmpeg -formats and make sure you see DEA aac listed under “Codecs”.
  4. Install mp4box, which is available in apt under ‘gpac’ sudo apt-get install gpac
  5. Grab nuvexport:
    cd /tmp
    tar -xjvf nuvexport-latest.tar.bz2
    sudo mv nuvexport-0.4 /usr/local/share/nuvexport

  6. Copy down the scripts and put them in the right places:
    cd /tmp
    sudo mv myth2ipod.txt /usr/local/bin/myth2ipod
    sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/myth2ipod
    sudo mv /usr/local/share/nuvexport/export/ffmpeg/
    sudo ln -s /usr/local/share/nuvexport/nuvexport /usr/local/bin/nuvexport
  7. At this point you can follow the rest of the instructions at the site for editing /usr/local/bin/myth2ipod , etc. The rest of it is not distribution-specific. The slight change I had to make was the path to MP4Box which is hard-coded in the script to point to /usr/local/bin but on Ubuntu it gets put into /usr/bin.

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  1. I want to snuggle up with my boyfriend and watch a movie but Myth TV always tries to tear us apart.

  2. oh yes, very very simple, indeed … surprised you didn’t have to recompile the kernel… 😉

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