Open a file by name…

If you’re working on a software project of any magnitude, you’ll have a bunch of source files and will often need to jump between them. Most of the IDE’s I’ve used have convenient keyboard shortcuts to let you open a file by name without browsing around with a mouse:

IntelliJ: “Goto File” – Ctrl Shift N
Netbeans: “Go to File” – Ctrl Shift O
Eclipse: “Open Resource” – Ctrl Shift R

It’s a pretty basic command which is used many times a day. Lately I’ve been using Visual Studio, and I’ve yet to find an equivalent. There’s this tip which doesn’t work for me, and the FileFinder plugin which seems to do the job, but it keeps forgetting it’s keybindings after I set them. How do people open files in Visual Studio? Do they really poke around with a mouse?