Too cool to bash the French

So although everyone agrees Iraq is in violation of resolution 1414, the French said they’d veto any resolution that supports the use of force against Iraq. With this move, it became cool for US citizens to really bash the French.

Now that’s not cool, but it’s become cool to be the guy who observes how uncool it is to bash the French – how childish that is. It’s cool to call those who bash the French a bunch of childish neanderthals.

Well I’m starting a new trend, it’s called bashing the people who bash the people who bash the French. Aside from the phony air of “I’m to good for this” they give off, really most of them are guilty of the same childish activity except they direct it at other things. The same people who say it’s immature to make fun of French people seem to think it’s perfectly okay to use equally childish insults against President Bush. Oh, it’s just fine to make fun of President Bush, but this other country… the sophisticated land of France… lay off them! That’s just too much. The US was so immature when they said “if you’re not with us, you’re against us”, but the French remain a sophisticated culture when they threaten to veto any resolution authorizing the use of force against a country that is clearly in posession of dangerous illegal weapons.

Well it’s time to get your noses out of the air, you hypocritical closet self-loathers. It’s now cool for us to make fun of you guys.

I encourage everyone to join this new movement.

4 thoughts on “Too cool to bash the French

  1. Your trend sucks. I’m going to start a trend bashing people like you. It’ll be called bashing the people who bash the people who bash the people who bash the French. You suck Tom.

  2. Well Im FRENCH & to be honest I have never been so PROUD to FRench in my whole entire life then since some ignorant morons wanting to BASH THE FRENCH because we are against the war & refused to send our troops to go get killed for OIL …. I mean how stupid to you have to be to hate France just for this reason . All ya American folks cant go a day without eatin no damn French Fries or French toast from Ihop for breakfast . Why is there so many French restaurant all over the USA , so now you are gonna bash the French & make the restaurants close & then you will have all those people with no job .. oh how smart is that ??
    anyways you people got a whole lot of growing to do !!!!

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