The good times

At the office today someone put out candy bars in the kitchen. The box had a sign telling people they can buy them and support some organization, and there was an envelope in which to put your money.

That reminded me of a classic prank Deion invented (and used against me) back in high school, and I recommend you all give it a try sometime.

So I’m selling candy bars for some dumb fundraiser thing, I don’t remember. They were two bucks a pop. I set up a box with an envelope and a sign on it. I put the box in the room where we used to work on the newspaper, so that as people went in and out of that room they could buy some candy bars. Sounds like a fine plan right? Just come back later and collect the loot.

Sure enough, after I left Deion comes along and crosses out the $2 price and writes “Sale $.50!” on the sign. I come back a while later to find significantly fewer candy bars, and an envelope full of quarters. As I reached into my wallet, pulling out the money I’d need to subsidize the cost of Deion’s “sale”, I remembered how great it is to have such good friends.

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