Tired war arguments

Based on the round-the-clock war coverage and discussion we’re all privy to in the US, there are a few arguments I’d like everyone to stop making, because they’re old and by making them we don’t get anywhere:

“War is bad” – Hey listen buddy, everyone agrees with you. No need to continue describing all the different ways war is bad and how many people die. We get it. We all agree. This is not a sufficient anti-war argument (unless you are a complete pacifist).

“Saddam is bad” – We all agree on this one too. Both sides. Stop making this argument. We all know he’s a brutal dictator. This is not a sufficient pro-war argument (unless you feel we should invade every country with a dictator and overthrow them).

If we can move past those discussions – all agree on them – and move on, I think the discussion would be much more fruitful.

Personally I think it’s misleading that we named this “Operation Iraqi Freedom” because it only causes more and more people to use the above arguments, and miss the real reason we should be going to war (and the real topic that we should be debating) – Saddam’s weapons and their potential threat to us.

2 thoughts on “Tired war arguments

  1. “The only hope is that they can hold out until reinforcements arrive,” the former official said.

    Wow, that seems just a little melodramatic and overstated. “The only hope.” Honestly.

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