No Highs, No Lows, Buy Bose

I’ve been shopping for speakers recently (home theatre-type) and in doing research unearthed what kind of surprised me, but in retrospect doesn’t. Ask most people who dig electronics, or even who just visit Best Buy or Circuit City from time to time what the best speakers around are, and in general you’ll hear “Bose.”

Well, after a few trips to audiophile-type newsgroups, I quickly learned that Bose are generally regarded as cheap, overpriced speakers. This FAQ was pretty interesting (although it’s a bit dated). I’m currently looking at Paradigm, and based on a test listen at a small local speaker store was pretty impressed.

2 thoughts on “No Highs, No Lows, Buy Bose

  1. Maybe after you have put together the greatest home entertainment system in the history of the world, you can throw a party. I’m sure that Schulte and I could make time to come down, and that we’d all have a *real* good time.

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