For Love or Money

The idea for Fox’s new show “For Love or Money” has an interesting enough premise that I’ll probably watch it. It meets my two criteria for a solid reality TV show: a high likelihood of sex and a good shot at tears. The two most entertaining things to see on reality television is someone having sex, and someone crying/fighting (and if they took place at the same time, the show would probably be award-winning). Although I still think the best combination of these two elements was on the short-lived Love Cruise, probably the second best display was on Temptation Island (the original) which seems to be surviving the test of time.

This show probably won’t be as good when it comes to crying and fighting, but for a million bucks you’d better believe there will be some sex. Oh wait, maybe there will be a chance at some fighting:

The network on Monday said it would continue to air the reality series “For Love or Money,” despite discovering that its star hid the fact he left the U.S. Marine Corps after being disciplined for groping a female officer.

…Campos rushed into the woman’s room and grabbed her breasts. The woman said she struck Campos in the groin with her knee, causing him to enter the woman’s bathroom and vomit.

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