QVC Ladder fall

This is one of the few times I wish I was watching QVC. Don’t forget to click on the link at the bottom to watch the actual movie.

As Lisa explained what viewers were seeing on their screens (“Chris is over there kinda givin’ us a look at how to use the ladder there”) and Renee waxed rhapsodic about the Telesteps ladder (“I gotta tell you something: I have this ladder; it is awesome. And everybody wants this ladder. I live in an apartment with vaulted ceilings . . .”) there came a loud crash as Chris lost his balance, fell off the ladder, and landed on his back.

The camera quickly cuts away as the guy is writhing in pain on the floor.

4 thoughts on “QVC Ladder fall

  1. I recommend downloading the video, and replaying the actual fall over and over again. After watching him fall 10 times in quick succession, it takes on a whole new level of comedy.

  2. I understand there is another QVC video with someone breaking a sword and the tip comes back and stabs him. Is this a spoof derived from the ladder fall or did it actually happen?

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