Money magazine thinks I'm an idiot

Pressured into subscribing to some magazines to help my little brother with a fundraiser, I subscribed to Money. With 3 issues remaining in my subscription, I get an issue with a paper jacket over it, reminding me I’m supposed to re-subscribe. The jacket said “Warning: You’re about to lose Money.” I thought that was at least somewhat clever, although probably wouldn’t call it funny.

The real funny part is when I opened it up to see what the deal was for renewal. My options were as follows:

1) 1 year subscription (13 issues) for $19.95 (save 61%)
2) 2 year subscription (26 issues) for $19.95 per year (save 61%)
3) 3 year subscription (39 issues) for $19.95 per year (save 61%)

Any moron can see that each of these offers is exactly the same price per year, and it’s a joke that they’re even listing them out like this. The really hilarious part is that they’ve highlighted the 3 year subscription, drawn an arrow to it, and written “Best Deal!” next to it.

This is Money magazine we’re talking about.

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