Windows Source code leaked

Not sure how serious this is, but the most-commented story I’ve seen at Slashdot in a long time just came in yesterday about portions of the Windows 2000 and Windows NT source code being leaked to the Internet.

Predictions are flying over what this all might mean. Including somewhat crazy theories that if you look at it, then work on a project of your own, you could get sued for stealing their intellectual property. There are slightly less crazy theories that a closer investigation of the source code will allow hackers to discover and create more viruses.

I personally don’t think that anything really damaging is going to happen (each virus seems more serious than the last, even before the source code leaks). That doesn’t matter as much as public opinion however, which only needs theories and fear in order to create a wave of news stories. It will be interesting to see what this all results in (I guess there’s an investigation taking place).