Free stuff

A site I stumbled on a little while ago really brought me back to my college days during the Internet boom: Most of the stuff they link to, after rebates, is free. The “catch” is usually that there’s a shipping and handling charge. Some sites offer free s&h for big enough orders though, so I may look into ordering tons of free stuff so I can earn the free shipping. After that it’s all about filling out forms and mailing UPC’s (giving your personal information to companies, etc) but I’m fine with that if it scores me a free network switch, 100 blank cds, and a few wireless LAN adapters.

4 thoughts on “Free stuff

  1. That’s one of the funniest Onion articles I’ve read in a long time. F’n hilarious.

    (PS. Coon – Young is a friend of mine from college. Apparently the total readers of this blog are up to 4, counting me)

  2. Oops, I thought he was an errant reader (why would anyone waste their time–besides the three of us–reading these blogs?) like the guy who wanted to hunt Schulte down and beat him for his B-stick post . . .

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