Bye bye IRS?

It seems the Republicans might be stealing a page from the Libertarian playbook if this Drudge Report story is true. I still plan on voting Libertarian, but if Republicans are serious about this, and were able to pull it off, I think it would be great.

4 thoughts on “Bye bye IRS?

  1. Highly unlikely; even if they do announce it, I don’t think it’d ever pass.

    (Also, I’d have reservations about the regressive nature of sales tax and VAT)

  2. Looks like Bush won’t bite:

    I’m inclined to agree that a national sales tax would probably be too regressive. I don’t know as much about the VAT (except that it was everywhere in Europe). Our tax system is too complicated. Even if we got it down to a single formula (or a flat income tax) we could eliminate so much waste, expense, and hassle.

  3. Yep, the IRS Code is unbelievably complicated. Worse, in my opinion, is the way in which the Code is used to dictate social policy (e.g., child tax credits, homeowners tax credits, all sorts of business tax credtis, etc.). I’d go for pretty much anything over what we have right now. . .

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