O&A Are Back!

At long last, it’s been announced that Opie and Anthony are returning to radio. It’s great that they’ll be on satellite and should have far less to fear in terms of FCC regulations. If their show does well, I have little doubt that it will be a springboard for a lot of other great, edgy shows to move to satellite. I’m somewhat bummed that it’s XM and not Sirius for two reasons:

1) I have Sirius
2) XM is party owned by ClearChannel
Oh, and I may as well throw in a 3rd reason:
3) Schulte already has XM, so he’s better than me

When my subscription is up at the end of the year, I guess that’s my time to buy all new equipment and make the switch to XM, because it looks like they will be an XM-only program.

3 thoughts on “O&A Are Back!

  1. I didn’t actually see it there… I caught it on the news this morning. My apologies for not checking your blog first though. By now I should have learned to rely on that as my first source of information.

  2. But T, I posted it a good 15 hours before you, surely you must have checked my blog 6 or 7 times in that span.

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