Schulte has pressured me to create a blog entry about going to Vegas in March. Since we don’t communicate verbally, and aren’t even good at communicating via e-mail, we’ll do it bloggy-style (shoot me for writing that) and discuss the trip in the comments. As far as I know, Schulte and his wife are in, Callahan and his fiancee are in, and Marysharon and I are in assuming we can work it so it doesn’t conflict with our trip to Costa Rica.

If I recall from the last time we tried to plan a trip to Vegas, we’d agreed on everything but no one wanted to be the first to buy a ticket. Why? Because we know each of us are jerks, and if someone buys a ticket, the next two guys will buy a ticket for a different weekend, leaving the first person hung out to dry. Or, the other two may not buy tickets at all. Maybe now that we each have companions there will be less of a fear of that. Or maybe not.

Who’s in for Vegas? When are we going?

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  1. Kim and I are going regardless…you guys were just an afterthought. I say lets do it. Since me and C dont care, T do you want to pick a date? Also, since Deion is no longer with us, can I officially become “D”??

  2. Marysharon has heard good things about Ballys. I’m still not sure if we can go on that date… I’m hoping to have my Costa Rica trip nailed down by this weekend though, so I should know next week.

  3. I will hold off till next week then. and that date isn’t set in stone it just happened to be one of the cheaper weekends

  4. Yeah, I’m interested. I just don’t like the part about me looking for deals. Although, maybe I can find some time to do that this weekend.

  5. Cool…I may run to a travel agency this weekend to see if they can find some deals, but as of right now I found the following for March 23-27 (5 days, 4 nights): Flamingo $512.30 (including the 9% sales tax) and Ballys $649.64.

    I think (but not sure) that Ballys is a little bit nicer, and it’s attached to (and owener by) the Paris hotel, which is really nice and I think we can use a lot of their amenities. I would say it’s worth the extra $137.34, but what do I know.

    What about dates, does this weekend work for everyone? I’m sure not everyone will be out there for 5 days, but at least that Fri/Sat/Sun?

  6. A Fri/Sat/Sun would probably be what I’d shoot for. I don’t know if that weekend works yet or not, but odds are it would be ok.

  7. The other (cheap) weekend in March was the 2-5…the remaining 2 weekends are hundreds of dollars more (I’m guessing because one weekend is their big NASCAR weekend and the other is St Patricks day/weekend).

  8. OK, so who’s going? I think K and I have decided on Ballys for March 23-27….I will be booking some time this week.

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