GMail Tip

If you’re looking to find all unread messages in Gmail, it’s not obvious. It’s actually very easy though, as this tip reveals – just put “is:unread” in the search bar.

This is helpful if you pull in mail from a lot of different sources, or have done bulk imports in the past, and your unread mail doesn’t end up in the first few pages of your inbox. I have had some mail lingering there, and was thankful for this tip. I have a decent amount of past e-mail stored in the depths of gmail.

You are currently using 1705 MB (60%) of your 2832 MB.

Not that I actually look at 1.7 GB of mail very often, but it’s convenient to have a substantial archive that’s easily searchable. If you’re looking to bulk upload a ton of old mail into gmail, I have found Mark Lyon’s Gmail Loader works well.