Top 10 Songs to Lift Weights to

I was curious what the intarwebs thought were the best songs to lift weights to, and was disturbed that at each turn I would find songs like “Eye of the Tiger” on the list. A good soundtrack for weightlifting is very different from one for faster-paced cardio exercises. When there is a pile of weight on top of you that’s going to fall on your head if you don’t lift it up, music that makes you want to dance or sing-along is… counter-productive.

So, I’ve compiled my own list off of my existing playlist. I try to dig up more music that fits the mold, but these are, currently, my top 10 favorites. Most of the music on this list is not music I listen to in any other context.

They’re songs that are fairly hard, but aren’t the unintelligible death metal kind. The rest of my playlist is almost all Godsmack. Overall I find their music the most motivating. I could use some more variety though. All suggestions welcome.

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