The "how do you know…" field in Facebook

In Facebook, when you’re defining the relationship you have with someone else, they ask the question:

“How do you know [Friend Name]?”

You can see an example of the options here (ignore the “skip this step” petition.)

The issue I have is that the question “how do you know…” is in the present tense, but the answers are all past tense. From the available answers, it makes it seem like the question you’re really being asked is “how did you meet [Friend Name]” which is different.

When I first started using Facebook, I interpreted the question as “how did you meet…” and then filled in the appropriate answer. For example, I met Adam W. through Fil so I filled that in. The problem is, now when I look at my friends list, it says “You know Adam through Fil.” I consider Adam a friend, and this reads like he’s just a friend-of-a-friend.

So, I’ve basically taken to not filling in the relationship details in these cases, because I feel like it sends the message “we’re not really friends, we just know each other through a mutual person.” All of that could be avoided if they just changed the presentation/grammar. Has anyone else had the same problem, or am I overanalyzing Facebook?

One thought on “The "how do you know…" field in Facebook

  1. omg, you are definately overanalyzing facebook. Or do you take everyone that someone has on their myspace page at face value?

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