A 5 second hack that will eliminate typos

A 5 second modification to save yourself typos...

Step 1: Insert screwdriver under Caps Lock key
Step 2: Push down on screwdriver
Step 3: Caps Lock key goes flying off somewhere
Step 4: Type without ever accidentally hitting it again

As I later learned, I’m not the only one who’s tired of having such a useless key in such a prominent location.

4 thoughts on “A 5 second hack that will eliminate typos

  1. This post was actually an experiment to see if I could write something that was tech-oriented with a sufficiently catchy headline to get ranked highly on Digg ( http://www.digg.com/mods/A_5_second_hack_that_will_eliminate_typos ). I was curious how hard it is to get something on Digg these days. Based on the two Diggs I got (one being me) it seems fairly challenging.

    I do hate the caps lock key, but I hardly ever hit it. The point where it got really annoying is when I was doing a lot of alt-tabbing between windows, and then shift-left and shift-righting between tabs in a window. I found myself hitting the caps lock key a lot during that process, although I don’t hit it when typing normally.

  2. Hey Tom, one geek tip I use is remapping caps lock to control. This way I can press ctrl+c without scrunching up my fingers on my tiny laptop keyboard.

    I use AutoHotKey (Windows Utility), but there are others I’m sure.

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