A sad day…

It just occurred to me that if a foreign dignitary ever did need my assistance in sending money to the United States, and offered me a substantial percentage of it to help him or her, I would probably never get the message.

5 thoughts on “A sad day…

  1. I’m not sure if my joke was lame or just too obscure, but I was making reference to the fact that any situation which has commonly become used as an online scam, if it were ever to present itself in earnest, would probably have very little chance of making it’s way through SPAM filters.

    For example, if I actually won an online lottery, or made a genuine request for low mortgage rates, I’d never find out about it.

  2. Agreed. Very lame. Booooooo. You suck T. Besides, the one time a foreign dignitary needed my assistance and offered to split some of the proceeds, I received a letter certified mail. I then mailed 2k off to Nigeria. T, YOU DO RECEIVE CERTIFIED MAIL DON’T YOU?????!!!????? If so, THEN YOU’LL GET THE MESSAGE.

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