15 minutes late never hurt so much

Schulte and I agreed to see War of the Worlds today at 3:55. Unfortunately, I was 15 minutes late, so we decided to see Fantastic 4 instead. Neither of us expected either of these movies to be good, it was just something to do.

Well, let me tell you, I have never so regretted not being on time. Fantastic 4 was so awful I was ready to leave the movie after the first fantastic 5 minutes. Schulte and I started in with a usual array of awful jokes. For example: “I hope I can follow this movie, I didn’t even see Fantastic 3.” Boo-yeah. Pretty much the highlight was the fact that Jessica Alba often wore low-cut clothing, which Schulte repeatedly referred to as “the fantastic two”. Other than that, the movie was uninteresting nonsense followed my more ridiculous crap. I think a 10 year old boy might like this movie, but by age 13 or so he would have grown out of it.

So, in case you had some remote thought of ever seeing this movie, even via a rental or illegal download, just get that idea out of your head. It’s really that awful.